In case you’re dealing with the Cisco CCNA at the present time, or in any event, considering it, there are changes going to the CCNA program in November that you have to think about. No motivation to stress, these progressions are generally uplifting news for CCNA competitors.  More info


Also, the main piece of uplifting news is that you have a lot of time to take and finish the current CCNA tests. Right now, will diagram a few favorable circumstances to taking the CCNA plunge now before these progressions produce results.


The current CCNA test (640-801) won’t be eliminated until November 6, which gives you all that anyone could need time to get CCNA affirmed before at that point – regardless of whether you haven’t began concentrating yet! Those of you who need to take the two-test way to CCNA affirmation should realize that the 640-811 ICND and 640-821 INTRO tests will be eliminated on that equivalent date.


Cisco’s adopting the strategy that the CCNA confirmation is never again a section level affirmation, and this is a much needed development for CCNAs and CCNA applicants the same. I have been composing CCNA digital books and educating CCNA courses for quite a long while, and I’ve generally would not call this a section level affirmation.


The new CCNA test (640-802) appears to be significantly more requesting than the present test, which is another motivation to quit slacking and get guaranteed now! Here are only a portion of the new themes you’ll discover on the 640-802 test:


Add these to the points previously found on the current CCNA test, and you can see that the new CCNA test will be significantly more requesting than the present adaptation.


On the off chance that you pick the two-test way for the CCNA accreditation after November 6, you’ll have to take two ICND tests – ICND 1 (640-822) and ICND 2 (640-816). This is a lot harder than the present way in light of the fact that the INTRO test will be a relic of past times after November 6! (Finishing the ICND 1 test will procure you the new Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician accreditation, Cisco’s new passage level affirmation.)


The CCNA will be considerably progressively important with these changes, so once more, regardless of whether you’ve even been pondering procuring the CCNA – right now is an ideal opportunity!


The new CCNA tests will really be accessible on August 1, yet once more, I need to underscore that the current CCNA tests will be accessible through November 6. My recommendation to the individuals who need to get CCNA affirmed before the change is to book your test currently, ensure you pick the correct test number – and begin examining!


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