If you are working on the Cisco CCNA at the moment, or even considering it, then there are changes coming into the CCNA program in November which you have to learn about. No reason all these changes are good information for CCNA candidates. More info https://www.examreactor.com/

Along with the first piece of good news is that you’ve got loads of time to shoot and pass the current CCNA exams. I will outline several benefits of choosing the CCNA plunge before these changes take effect.

The existing CCNA exam (640-801) won’t be phased out before November 6, which provides you more than enough time to get CCNA certified before then — even in the event that you have not started studying yet! People that wish to select the route ought to know the 640-811 ICND and 640-821 INTRO examinations will probably be phased out on that date.

Cisco’s taking the way the CCNA certificate is no more an entry-level certificate, which can be a welcome change for CCNAs and CCNA candidates equally. I instructing CCNA classes for many decades and have been composing CCNA ebooks, and I refused to call entry-level certificate.

The brand new CCNA exam (640-802) appears to be more demanding than the present examination, which is just another reason to pick up the speed and get certified today! Here are some

Add these into the subjects already discovered on the current CCNA exam, and you’ll be able to observe that the new CCNA test will be much tougher than the present edition.

If you decide on the two-exam route for your CCNA certification following November 6, you ought to choose two ICND tests – ICND 1 (640-822) and ICND two (640-816). Because the INTRO exam is going to be a matter of the past after November 6, this is a lot tougher than the course! (Passing the ICND 1 test can earn you the newest Cisco Certified Entrance Networking Technician certificate, Cisco’s new entry-level certificate.)

The CCNA will probably be more precious with these modifications, therefore again, even in the event that you’ve been considering making the CCNA – now’s your moment!

The brand new CCNA exams will truly be available on August 1, but I wish to highlight that the present CCNA tests will be accessible through November 6. My advice to people who wish be sure to select the test number to have CCNA certified prior to the shift would be to reserve your exam today – and begin analyzing!

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